Demos on the site: What you need to know

You can now try out AI models directly on the site.

Demos on the site: What you need to know
You can now try out AI models directly on the site. 

Hello AIModel-ers,

You can now try out models on the site. Click on the model details page and then select a demo you want to play with using the dropdown. Demos are powered by the models and showcase different applications for the tech.

These demos are created by third-party users and are currently only available for some HuggingFace models, but I hope to add more soon.


This feature was suggested by a reader. If you have other ideas for ways to improve the site, reply and let me know!

Also from a reader… Check out Delphi:

Delphi is a model specially created to help you navigate cyber incidents whether you are trying to understand if you have a leaky S3 bucket, or your mom’s iCloud got hacked again. Click here to try it out.

Other items of note…

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That’s it for this update. Stay tuned for more!