A bounty hunter, a stoic, and a shark walk into a zoo

Your latest AIModels.fyi model update includes a new way to earn money, a new way to think about tech, a new text-to-3D model, and a lot more.

A bounty hunter, a stoic, and a shark walk into a zoo
Making 3D sharks using text with Shap-e!

Hey there,

Time for your monthly update, featuring the newest AI models we’ve indexed on AIModels.fyi! As you know, we recently changed our name from Replicate Codex to reflect the expanding nature of the platforms we cover.

This month, I have some exciting models to share with you.

We also now support Cerebrium on the site! Cerebrium is a machine learning framework that makes it easier to train, deploy and monitor ML models with just a few lines of code. We will be adding additional platforms soon.

Ok, now let’s take a look at some of the models we indexed this month, starting with…

🦈 3D (!)

  • Shap-e - Generating Conditional 3D Implicit Functions! This one is super cool - it’s a Replicate implementation of OpenAI’s text-to-3D object model.

💬 Language

  • GPT4All - a model used to answer questions or perform tasks just like ChatGPT
  • GPT-Neo - EleutherAI’s replication of the GPT-3 architecture.
  • Llama-7b - Transformers implementation of the LLaMA language model

🖼️ Image

  • Instructblip-Vicuna13b - An instruction-tuned multi-modal model based on BLIP-2 and Vicuna-13B
  • DeepFloyd-if - a stable-diffusion-like model that is excellent at generating text in images
  • Img2Img - this is Cerebrium’s prebuilt Img2Img implementation

📽️ Video

  • Tune-a-Video - One-Shot Tuning of Image Diffusion Models for Text-to-Video Generation. Lets you turn a panda riding a surfboard into a sloth riding a surfboard, for example.

Tune-a-video output

For my pick of the month, I'm going with Shap-e! This model is perfect for making game assets, which is another hobby of mine. Writeup coming soon.

I've also added 20+ new guides and resources to our blog. Check out the following links to learn more about AI and my experience building the site:

There are also a few other news items I’d like to point out:

  • Cerebrium.ai has announced a bounties program, which means you can get paid to submit AI projects that solve real-world problems.
  • Charlie Holtz launched zoo.replicate.dev, a playground to test the speed of AI models for free on Replicate

There you have it!

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