Exploring the World of AI Art: A Guide to StyleGAN and DALL-E

Learning how to create images from just our imagination.

Exploring the World of AI Art: A Guide to StyleGAN and DALL-E
This person does not exist! An image created by StyleGAN.

The world of AI-generated art is vast and full of creative potential. In this article, we will explore the intriguing realms of StyleGAN and DALL-E, two groundbreaking AI models that have revolutionized digital art. We will also discuss how you can use Replicate and Replicate Codex to dive into this fascinating world yourself.

StyleGAN: Generating Realistic Images

StyleGAN is an AI model developed by NVIDIA that generates realistic images from random noise. It can create various types of images, from human faces to landscapes, by learning the subtle details and patterns from a vast amount of training data.

To get started with StyleGAN, you can explore some of the available models on Replicate Codex. One popular example is the GFPGAN, which can enhance old photos by increasing their resolution and adding color. To learn more about GFPGAN, check out this beginner's guide.

DALL-E: Creating Images from Text

DALL-E is another AI model developed by OpenAI that creates images based on textual descriptions. This revolutionary model can generate a wide range of visual outputs, from the familiar to the fantastical, based on a simple text prompt.

To experiment with DALL-E, you can try out the Text-to-Pokemon model on Replicate Codex. This model transforms text descriptions into images of Pokémon. To learn how to create your own Pokémon using AI, read this guide. Then, head over to OpenAI's site and try out DALL-E in the playground they offer and compare the outputs!

How to Run AI Models with Replicate and Replicate Codex

To run these AI models in the cloud without setting up any servers, you can use Replicate. Replicate offers a platform where you can run open-source models or your own custom models, making it perfect for researchers, developers, and enthusiasts.

To explore available AI models, you can use Replicate Codex, a comprehensive resource built in collaboration with Replicate. You don't need an account to use Replicate Codex, and it's free! You can search, filter, and sort through a vast database of AI models, including popular ones like Stable Diffusion.

Discovering AI Models

  1. Visit Replicate Codex and browse through the models.
  2. Explore popular model creators on the Creators Leaderboard.
  3. Check out the Models Leaderboard for the most popular models.
  4. Get inspired by the gallery view of model outputs.

Learning More about AI Models

To learn more about pretrained AI models, Img2Img AIs, and other topics, check out the following resources:

Staying Up-to-Date with AI Models

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Expanding Your AI Knowledge and Skills

Replicate Codex also offers valuable resources for learning more about AI models and their applications. For instance, you can read about ChatGPT, an AI model that generates human-like text based on input prompts, and Midjourney, another AI model not available on Replicate and Replicate Codex.

To understand the motivation behind building Replicate Codex, read the article Why I Built Replicate Codex: Making Replicate Models Searchable.


The world of AI art is as diverse and creative as the human imagination. With tools like StyleGAN and DALL-E, you can generate unique and visually stunning art pieces based on your own ideas. And with platforms like Replicate and Replicate Codex, you have access to a vast array of AI models to explore and experiment with. So, dive in and start creating your own AI-generated masterpieces today!

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