April 2023 Monthly Update

Looking at the coolest and best AI models on Replicate for April 2023

April 2023 Monthly Update
Image: Ad Inpaint example generation. An AI product advertising image generator!

Hey there,

Time for your monthly update, featuring the newest AI models we’ve indexed on Replicate Codex! This month, I have some exciting models to share with you. But first…

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Ok, now let’s take a look at some of the models we indexed this month:

💬 Language

  • LLaMA 7B - a transformers implementation of the LLaMA language model
  • GPT-J 6B - a large language model by EleutherAI
  • Star Trek GPT-J 6B - a GPT-J-6B large language model fine-tuned on the Star Trek Wiki ‘Memory Alpha'

📽️ Video

🖼️ Image

  • Kadinsky 2.1 - a high-resolution text-to-image model trained on LAION HighRes
  • Ad Inpaint - a model for generating product advertising images
  • Segment Anything - a model for high-quality object masks from input prompts

For my pick of the month, I'm going with Ad Inpaint. This model is perfect for anyone looking to quickly turn out high-quality ads for physical products. Writeup coming soon.

I've also added 34 new guides and resources to our blog. Check out the following links to learn more about AI:

There you have it! But wait, one more thing…

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