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Welcome to Replicate Codex, the ultimate destination for AI professionals searching for the latest and greatest AI models. With over 5,000 AI founders and devs using our tool each month, our platform is the perfect place for your company to showcase your AI models, tools, and services.

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Why advertise on Replicate Codex?

You know that your product is amazing. But how can you make sure that the right people discover it? That's where we come in. By advertising on our platform, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your products to a highly targeted audience of AI professionals who are actively searching for the best solutions. (I'm sold!)

What do you get with a Replicate Codex ad?

For just $49 per month, your company will receive a placement on our homepage and newsletter sponsorship. That means that your ad will be seen by thousands of AI professionals who are searching for the latest and best AI models, dev tools, and other services. You get...

  • Homepage placement: Your ad will be featured prominently on our homepage, ensuring that it is seen by all visitors to our site. Plus, with our highly engaged community of AI professionals, you can be sure that your ad will get plenty of attention.
  • Newsletter sponsorship: You will also be highlighted at the top of each monthly newsletter, which is sent to 150+ AI professionals. This is a great way to get additional exposure for your company and reach an even wider audience.
  • Want something else (featured on Twitter, or in blog posts, or something I can't think of)? DM me and let's talk!

Who should advertise on Replicate Codex?

If you're a company that develops or sells AI models, tools, or services, then advertising on Replicate Codex is a no-brainer. Here are some potential ad buyer personas and what they would gain/care about:

  • AI model developers: These companies would benefit from advertising on Replicate Codex as they could showcase their latest models and attract new customers who are looking for the best models for their projects.
  • AI tool providers: Companies that offer tools and services to help with AI development, such as data labeling or model deployment, could reach a highly targeted audience of potential customers who are actively searching for these types of solutions.
  • AI consultancies: Consulting firms that specialize in AI could use Replicate Codex to reach a targeted audience of potential clients who are looking for help with their AI projects.

Ready to advertise on Replicate Codex?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase your AI models, tools, and services to a highly targeted audience of AI professionals. Click the "Subscribe" button and choose the advertising package that works best for your company. Once you've subscribed, we'll contact you to get your ad set up and ensure that you're getting the exposure you need to grow your business. With Replicate Codex, you can be sure that your amazing products will be seen by the right people.